Mobile Commerce Asia Conference, March 2012 Singapore

Chris Dadd is chairing day 2 and running a workshop  at the 5th Mobile Commerce Summit Asia in March 2012, titled “Engaging mobile conversations & converting clickers into consumers – let’s create a few together”@ The Fullerton Hotel, Singapore 20-22 March 2012

The time is now to take the next concrete step forward.

Mobile commerce has been the buzz word in recent years but in Asia, we have yet to realise the full potential that it can bring us. We have been making progressive steps and while some of us have succeeded tremendously, some have learnt valuable lessons and emerged stronger.

The main challenge to realise the full potential will always be on how we effectively leverage politics, economy, society and technology to our advantage. These four elements possess different dynamics and such intricate interplay that overcoming this challenge alone will be close to impossible. Only by realising that we are all interdependent, instead of independent, can we ensure that mobile commerce will be a winner for all of us.

We observed how Google made the big move by rolling out the Google Wallet. We looked at how Tesco ‘transformed’ the train platform into a grocery store where waiting passengers ‘transformed’ into buying shoppers. More importantly, we are interested in the collaboration mechanics which make such projects tick. They underscore the importance for all of us to work together to move the industry forward.

In this special edition of the 5th Mobile Commerce Summit Asia, we will discover different perspectives from different stakeholders. We will hear unique insights from experienced ventures. We will understand tried and tested concepts gleaned only from the wisdom of multiple failures. We will appreciate the fine aspects of consumer behaviour and effectively align it with our operations or should we be stewarding the behavior instead?

We will however definitely take advantage of the focused gathering of high-level industry professionals that only this event can bring. And together we will learn, synergize and innovate.

Let us forge winning partnerships and take the next step forward together.


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